If you’re using Outlook, you might have faced this weird problem Outlook Something is Wrong with One of Your Data Files. Here, this guide delivers one among the simplest solutions which will definitely resolve your issue.

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As we all know that the Microsoft Outlook email client is the trendiest email client. But according to Microsoft, an error message suggesting something is wrong with one of your data files outlook 2016. This error shows that there is a problem with your Outlook data files, you may need to close Outlook.

Main Reasons Behind Something is Wrong with One of Your Data Files Outlook 2016

Before going towards fixes of it, first, allow us to know the most reasons that cause a mistake with Outlook data files.

  • An error can occur due to an inaccurate network device installation error.
  • If you’re working with an expired MS Office version.
  • An incorrect activity taking place through the Office Suite’s proxy settings.

Other than those three that are mentioned above, there may be several other explanations.

Workarounds to Repair Outlook Something is Wrong with One of Your Data Files

There are four manual ways from which you can quickly fix the error in your Outlook version 2013 or 2016. So, let’s begin with the solutions.

Approach 1: Deactivate Firewall and other Security Applications

The first thing always keeps in mind to disable the firewalls if you receive something is wrong with one of your data files and Outlook needs to close error. You can also disable any working antivirus from your system for a couple of minutes. Also, deactivate all the default firewalls present in the system. If still, you’re unable to unravel the difficulty then follow the second trick.

Approach 2: Disable & again Enable the Office Suite

Secondly, you ought to test the newest version of your MS Office suite. Then, examine that you are using the latest update. But if you use an older version you need to upgrade it. By providing your username and password, you’ll immediately log in to your Office account if you’re using the licensed version of the MS Office suite. If still, you face an equivalent issue then follow the subsequent third trick.

Approach 3: Checking & Updating Windows Registry

If you’ve attempted both the above tricks already but the real issue is still going on, it is indeed time to use this final solution. If all of the tricks above have unable to repair the problems, this might mean the difficulty could also be connected to the Windows registry. Some changes or modifications got to be made to the Windows registry. Doing so is very easy with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Windows start button and make a right-click on it to open Registry Editor. Then hit the Windows+R button to start the Run command.
  2. Write Regedit in the search bar appears and press the enter button.
  3. Next, go to the registry path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\PST
  4. Search LastCorruptStore and PromptRepair values from the screen appear. Then make a right on it and press Delete to remove these two registry values if they present.
  5. Next, again restart the Microsoft Outlook client to verify if the problem persists or not.

There are some scenarios where these methods don’t resolve the issue permanently. At that time, the best and 100% secure solution is Outlook PST Recovery Tool. It is one among the trusted solutions to repair corrupted Outlook PST files without modifying original content.


Here, I cleared the reasons behind the “Outlook Something is Wrong with One of Your Data Files” Outlook error. Then, suggested a number of the simplest tricks to unravel these issues. In the end, we discussed a permanent and secure solution for recovering corrupted PST files. I hope you discover this write-up very helpful and helpful in fixing problems with Outlook data files.

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