Apps That Will Make Your Writing Better

When it comes to writing, it requires felling and personality that comes from the heart. Writing is a profound human art. It does not matter which platform it is on, whether it’s a news story, blog, new story, email, or a caption on social media. Despite it being a human art, it doesn’t mean that we cannot use technology to help the writing better.

Many apps can help you strengthen our writing skills, and you can get them Thesis writing help. The apps go beyond just having word count or helping with your grammar.

Here is a list of some apps to consider when it comes to writing:

  1. Writing challenge

This app helps when you have a writer’s block. It helps kickstart your writing creativity by having prompts that you can use. It contains thousands of starters for different stories. You can as well give yourself a challenge by setting a timer when writing.

  1. Draft

The app is a word processing software platform that’s streamlined to give you an easier time when it comes to version control. When working on a project with someone or a team, it isn’t easy to do versioning. It is especially seen in Sanity Checks in Microsoft Word or Google docs. Individual changes are not accepted readily, and once edited, you cannot refer to the previous drafts. The draft app allows you to do all these. To add on this, it has a feature called Hemmingway Mode that gives you the option of “first write and edit later.” The setting Is useful when it comes to rough drafts. The ability to delete anything is temporarily off. The second feature is Ask A Professional, and this feature allows you to ask for help from reviewers.

  1. Reader

Ever had an experience where something sounded good in your head, but once written, it didn’t resonate with someone else. Readable makes your writing better and also makes it easy to understand using a text analyzer. These are powerful readability algorithms that look at sentence length keyword density, syllable count, etcetera.

  1. Scrivener

This app is a tool that has a digital binder. It is a writing app that you cannot afford to have. It gathers all of your research, writing, and notes in one place that you can easily manage, shifting from your manuscript and the reference materials smoothly. The text editor on scrivener is like a word processor on steroids, with annotations, easy to use formation, footnote and style settings that will save you stress and time. You can set targets and track the progress. After completion, then you can share your project by printing it. It is automatically formatted to a wide range of file formats according to the submission guidelines.

  1. Grammarly

The Grammarly app scans through your text and highlights any mistakes that are there. It usually checks for grammatical errors. Not only does it highlight and prompt you to change, but it also gives you the reason for the failure to help you in the future to avoid the same mistakes. With Grammarly, you can get confident to weave a story without worrying about your ability to use dangling modifiers and subject-verb agreement.

  1. Calmly

Calmly offers an interface that is easy to use. The distraction-free interface blocks the interruptions that are usually in a standard word processing interface and lets you focus on just the words. It boasts a large number of keyboard shortcuts, focus mode (highlights the only paragraph worked on), markdown formatting. These features make Calmly one of the best, fruitful editing and note-taking tool.

  1. Freedom:

Freedom is a dual app that performs different functions. On top of being a writing app, It is also a website blocker. Writing with distractions can be dispelling. Freedom gives you the focus to concentrate on writing. Another feature is that you can custom block the websites you do not want to view. You can set the app to block apps when you start writing, or you can schedule the times that you know you usually write.

  1. A Soft Murmur

The app offers a white noise ambiance when writing. It makes the writing session to be more productive. It has different settings that you can use when you are writing.


Whichever platform you are using, whether windows or a mac, whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, or android. There is an app for most, if not all, the platforms to help you improve your writing.

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