You have to be innovative and enterprising to make your products and services widely visible without spending too much. YouTube provides you one such opportunity if you use it diligently as a component of your overall marketing efforts. There are many benefits of using this channel, and you would also vouch for the same after experiencing its impact on your SEO plans. To understand how it can help your business, let’s dig into what it can do for it.

Why Even The Best SEO Agency Firm In Singaporerecommends Using Youtube


The exponential growth in video consumption is leading to 4 billion views every day. That means when you become active on this channel, you can reach such a vast pool of audiences with ease through your videos and publicizing them on other relevant YouTube channels. However, make sure your video content is entertaining, educational, and problem-solving.


Google generally shows a mix of videos, images, news links, books, and local searches for a particular query. Of all of them, videos feature most frequently. What does it hint? It proves that the search engine giant pays it equal heed as the text content. If you, too, want to benefit from this trend, then create quality articles on your website and complementary videos on YouTube. It will fulfill one of your backlinking efforts too. As a result, it will become easy for your business to appear in the search results.

Content repurposing

You can use the existing content or blog post to create YouTube videos for a wider reach.  And for this, you don’t need any unique tool or additional investment. Experts believe that from one idea, you can at least spin four different pieces of content, which will be easier to absorb for the audience.

Global reach

One of the massive advantages of using YouTube for business is that it connects you with the audience worldwide. When you create content regularly, you increase the chances of your brand to appear before new visitors who speak a different language but may find your service interesting. Plus, you can also target different needs of your potential customers through closed captions. According to studies, closed-captions in videos earn 4% more subscriptions and attention because they reach out to those people also who have difficulty in hearing.


SEO experts believe that videos with a personal touch can boost conversions. When you connect with your audience on an emotional level, you win their trust. And when they trust you, they are most likely to do business with you. Some studies suggest that videos that show someone talking about a company’s product or service earn more value and generate leads and sales.


It allows you to grow your audience base with earned views. If you use Google AdWords, you can spread your reach to the audience through advertising your videos on other relevant YouTube channels. What else? You don’t need to pay anything until it garners qualified views, which have to last a minimum of 30 seconds. However, if someone skips your ad, you won’t need to pay.

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