Are you planning to launch your very own YouTube channel this year? Well, then you better be very savvy about it!
YouTube has something more than 1.9 billion logged-in users currently who make and launch videos on a regular basis. In that light, and given that statistics, your content will really have to stand out.
But that’s not nearly the end of the challenges, you have to engage with your core audience as well. In this context, it’s important to know that a chunk of the YouTube viewers are not very keen or interested in advertisements, so you have to find a way to keep all of them entertained with content that is really very unique and engaging.
Though it might sound very intimidating, it’s the best approach you can take.
But if you have worked out about how all these criteria are to be met, then this article is for you.
Through this article, we will provide you some concrete steps which can help you with your marketing on YourTube.
So let’s get started:

Create A YouTube Channel For Your Business:

Before doing anything, just get yourself a brand account on Google.
When one opens a YouTube channel with Google, only one individual, that is the account holder can access the channel. The brand account helps an individual to log in multiple accounts and manage them simultaneously.
Since a YouTube channel has a lot of movement, you will need at least 2 to 3 people to run the show properly.

Learn About Your Viewers:

Your YouTube channel is going to give you access to an Analytical tab. As the name suggests, they will have lots of data and stats related to your channel. While sieving through all that data, make sure you come up with some quantitative insights and try to understand your viewer’s behavior through that data.  These include view counts, a mean watch time, money generated, rate of interaction and such other deliverables.
Your analytical data can also give you a know how about your subscriber demographics.  You may know who your subscribers are, but still, use analytics to discover more about them.
The data will help you gain more confidence in your decision, it’s not just going to be assumption anymore.

Search Up Your Competition:

Searching and in fact researching about your competition is very crucial for any business. That is the only way you can move higher up in the ladder.  In addition to that, while researching your competition you will find a lot of information leading you to your potential opportunity displayed on their channel.
It’s important that you scroll through your competition’s YouTube channel and take notes about which videos got the maximum engagement. Then, of course, you need to watch these videos in order to understand the type of content your audience appreciates and then go on to use this information in your own content strategy.
Now, coming to your own videos, you have to read through the comments that are there on other videos similar to yours. Maybe, you have received a mention on some other YouTube channel. You need to send a thank you or engage with it in some way.
In addition to watching the competitor’s videos, make sure you read through the description and use the keywords in your own video description.

Take Tips From Your Favorite Channel:

Of course, you watch a lot of YouTube videos yourself, being a YouTube video curator. But have you asked yourself, why a particular video holds your own attention? Why do you go back to the same channel to watch their videos only?
Paying attention to your favorite YouTube videos will dig out a lot of undiscovered techniques and best practices which they use to bring in more views, subscription, and engagement.
Of course, they might not be in your own niche, but you can still use their techniques to make your own YouTube video attractive and engaging. The main idea is to keep your mind open so that you can try even the weirdest of the ideas that are available.

Optimize Your Videos With SEO:

Your YouTube videos have to be optimized for search if you wish to draw some value from them. However, you must not be hard on yourself if your first video fails to draw a lot of attention.  You can work to tweak your YouTube SEO over a period of time.
But here are a few things that you can try for starters:
Pick A Suitable Title: The first step of getting more views on your YouTube video is by selecting an appealing title loaded with all relevant keywords.  However, the title must be relevant to the YouTube video topic. If possible, it’s a good idea to match exact keywords with common search terms.
The Thumbnail Must Be Interesting: When you upload a video you can select a freeze frame to work as the thumbnail image. However, it’s advisable to create your own thumbnail image, as this helps your content to be different from others.

Add A Good Video Description:

As the name suggests, the video description should be short, explaining what the video is exactly about. Additionally, there must be a list of your social media handles, website and quite a few hashtags to keep the description compelling.

Hashtags To Your Video Description:

Hashtags make your content searchable on YouTube.  You have to get a small number of relevant hashtags rather than use a huge list. If you use anything more than 15 hashtags, all the hashtags used will be ignored anyway, thus it’s important to be selective about what you will be using.

Attach cards, bumper ads, and watermarks:

Bumper ads, watermarks, and the cards are all call to action options and are clickable. They are useful because they are generally unobtrusive, and offer only limited disruption to the viewers.

Viewer Subscription:

Though most people miss it, sometimes the easiest way to get something, is by just asking for it. That is the reason why all YouTubers begin or end their video with ” please subscribe, like and share this video”. With zero effort they get their desired results.
So use these cool five tips to rock your YouTube video. Always remember to keep it fun and interesting. Good luck!

By Deepak

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