We all know for a fact the whole world is moving towards globalization. As we come closer to 2019, we can see many digital marketing platforms that comprises of search engines, social media and pay-per-click formats. Not only this, are we yet to witness more dramatic shifts in this industry. Digital marketing agency are serving this purpose of providing people with the services of digital media marketing to keep them intact with the competition.
There are various new digital marketing trends that are capturing the attention customers these days. There are also many strategies which are evolving in the field of technology for the purpose of serving humans better. This is an era where everything is online and everyone feels connected all the day. Here we have listed some of the latest digital marketing trends that have gained a lot of recognition in 2019.  

Advertisement Through Programming:


Another name for this is programmatic advertisement, this means using artificial intelligence in order to automate that ad. This is done to target more specific audience, for whom the ad is meant to be. A real life example for this sough of advertisement would be auctions or bidding. The automation is very fast and also efficient at the same time. It is also very beneficial as it gives high conversions and much lower cost of acquisition for customers.

The Prevailing Trend Of Chatbots:

The Prevailing Trend Of Chatbots
This is something not new for any of us. This was one of the major innovations to the field of digital marketing and would continue to make its place in the coming years also. Even in 2019 chatbots are a very important part of digital marketing. This is an artificial intelligence based technology and it functions by instant messaging and chat with real customers, whether it be day or night. These chatbots are always available to serve customers.
It is reported that there are approximately 1.4 billion people who are interacting with chatbots already and further more 80% of the businesses worldwide are planning to use chatbots by 2020. These chatbots help businesses save a lot of money which could have been spent on the salaries of the employees serving this purpose. These chatbots are most widely used in banking and health sector of the world as businesses feel it’s the place where they need these chatbots the most.
There are many customers who actually prefer to interact with chatbots due to their numerous advantages. Firstly, they respond very quickly to all the customer queries and millennial don’t like to wait. They also give very prompt answers and most importantly, they never lose patience like humans. These are also known as virtual assistants who are offering bets customer service and meeting all the customer expectations.
There are many organizations that are making the best use of these chatbots. It includes Uber, Careem as both of them have bought digitalization into the field of transportation. Both of them are using chatbots technology to communicate with their customers.

There’s Also Something Called Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence
Once, someone said that artificial intelligence would takeover world and guess this is what is happening. Artificial intelligence helps to analyze behavior of customers and their search patterns. It also helps with utilizing data from social media platforms and from blogs too. It helps understand on how customers find their desired products and services. There are many features that are being offered by artificial intelligence. They also tend of offer information and tips to user by getting into their conversations. You might find it unethical but yes this is how things work in a digital world.


Everyone business is trying to bring in something different from its customers. The best way to standout in the crowd is to personalize your market; this means that you would produce personalized content, products, emails, blogs and a lot more. Nowadays all data is available, businesses can take help from data like purchase history, behavior and internet search history. There are various marketers who believe that personalization also helps build better customer relationships.
Many big marketers already said that make you customers feel important send them personalized emails and messages so they, know they’re special. This won’t only build better customer relationships but also make them come back to you again and again. Netflix is already taking the advantage from personalization. As soon as you open up your Netflix account it shows you movies/shows recommended for you. This is what personalization is.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing
This is also one of the most trending marketing practices which many of the businesses are following. This marketing is basically comprises of marketing directly to a large group of consumers and influencers are paid to give a good word of mouth for your product. This is one of the very effective marketing tools to attract customers as when customers see other talking good about the brand they are also likely to trust that brand.
There’s no specific criterion for being and influencer, it could be anyone from celebrities to bloggers, basically anyone who has a huge following. These are the people who would charge you say a good word about your products through their channels on social media platform. This is because customers develop a trust and sense of belonging with these influencers and hence, this type of marketing has proven out to be very effective.

Insights Into Video Marketing:

video marketing
Here are some facts and figures which show the importance of incorporating video messages into some of the digital marketing strategies. You must have seen the option of going live, when it comes to Instagram or Facebook or even YouTube for that matter. This shows that people are more likely to engage with video content. Businesses are also using this for personalized video messages rather than phone calls or even emails.
Many social media platforms are offering 360 degree video content, which also allows for a better and a more interactive experience and also providing variety of other uses that are beneficial for businesses.
These are all the new trends that have been prevailing in the field of digital marketing. Businesses need to keep them up to date with all the prevailing stuff to keep them in competition.

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I am digital marketing expert, writer and researcher and working as a senior digital marketing manager for a digital marketing company, Immac Bytes. We deal in all soughs of digital marketing practices. I hold many years of experience in writing. Being a digital marketer, writer and researcher also, I find digitalization as a tool for growing businesses as there are better opportunities available for businesses now.

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