Gone are the days when the old professions and occupations like becoming a doctor, engineer or a teacher were the main fields where individuals looked into. With the coming up of technology and the evolution of a digital world, there are more professions revolving around the advancements technology has made. One such profession would be Digital Marketing. It has been developed in the 1990’s and the 2000s and since then it has marked an absolutely new way of running a business using technology to the fullest. It basically highlights how any product can be marketed or promoted using digital sources or mediums mainly through internet. With the world and people being completely dependent on technology, it has been observed that the number of people physically visiting shops or stores is way less as compared to the people performing these tasks online or digitally.
There a multiple ways of digital marketing and a businessman or businesswoman chooses the apt method based on his/her needs, demands and the nature of the product which requires marketing. The various methods of digital marketing consist of running campaign marketing, display advertisement, social media marketing, content marketing using cheap article writing services and many other methods. With the coming up of the ‘E-age’, E-commerce marketing has also been on a rise in today’s world. It promotes buying and selling of different products and services online over the Internet which marks how widely digital marketing is adopted. E-books or electronic books are also a part of the current ‘E-age’ showcasing the wide usage of digital marketing by having different books and texts present online which is a quick, cheap and easy way of making books accessible. Along with internet mediums and sources, digital marketing also paves way to various non-internet mediums using the mobile phone through SMS, MMS and callback.
Digital Marketing is not just beneficial for a businessperson to market their products and services but is proved to be advantageous to the recipient of these products and services as well. It shows that the customer has his or her needs covered all the time and makes them feel valued and this is in great depth only possible through digital marketing and not as much through physical visits to shops or stores. It is a perfect way of gaining any form of feedback-negative or positive from the customers.
A communicative dialogue is also started where customers write their feedback about a specific product or service online and this can be viewed by other customers as well so they get a fair idea about that product and tend to trust another individual’s experience. Digital Marketing provides a platform for the brand and its customers to interact online by discussing problems and clarifying them. The point to be noted is that through digital marketing, even the slightest news about a product can reach large populations without any geographical limitations. It can mark an expansion of the particular brand and reaches international levels as well.  A particular brand can also get information about its competition and where it stands with respect to the demands of the customers.
Digital Marketing as a current and futuristic career or professional option has gained a lot of attention. With all brands requiring digital marketing of their products and services, there is a need for efficient and effective individuals who have the right knowledge about digital marketing with respect to the current needs of the customer as well as the business owner. Many Universities, Colleges and Institutes offer professional courses in digital marketing to fill the demand of well-skilled and knowledgeable individuals who can master in digital marketing strategy making.

By Deepak

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