Wondering how people increase youtube views even when they do not have as many as subscribers yet. They do it via optimizing their comments. Yes, you read right. 
Also, are you using Youtube hashtags with your uploaded videos? If not, then you are missing a chunk load of views, and thus the conversion of those views into monetary gains. Therefore, let us put an end to how to use hashtags to increase Youtube views debate by this simple guide.
You do not need always to buy Youtube views to increase your view count. The plan can backfire you and you may be left with only losing views and nothing in return. Always remember that you need to follow all the Youtube SEO policies and only use white hat techniques instead of going the other way and being banned or penalized. Thus, without any further delay let us start how to use hashtags in comments to increase Youtube views.
 What Are the YouTube Hashtags?
The Youtube Hashtags is a simple and easy way to find the videos of a niche or a topic you want to know about. They are the clickable phrases or words that are represented by a #- hash symbol just before it. You see these hashtags on Twitter and as well as Instagram too. They collect videos or content that has similar hashtags. The same happens on Youtube too. They are used to identify a specific video or content. When you click on a hashtag, you will be taken or redirected to a place where you will find all the videos uploaded and posted on Youtube with a similar tag. It will save a lot of time and from unnecessary browsing of videos to search one specific video.
How do you put Hashtags?
So there are different places where you can use Hashtags on Youtube: it can be in the video description, in the title, location hashtags, comment hashtags. In the video description, you can type up to 15 hashtags and just above the title around 3 hashtags. Adding hashtags cannot be easier as you simply add them in the comments or the video’s description box after you have uploaded it. The hashtags used will be directly hyperlinked and thus when you enter a hashtag in the video title, the title hashtag overrules them. You can only set location hashtags when they are uploaded via your smartphone.
Now, why should you use Youtube Hashtags?
You need to use hashtags to be able to be visible to the subscribers. You cannot gain always by buying Youtube views. You need to use optimized hashtags to enhance your searchability. These hashtags will only take the viewers to your videos when they type the relevant hashtags that can reach your video. You can use a hashtag that will group all the keywords and related topics. This will make the user find you quicker.
Hashtags are the best possible ways for a user to find related content without them having to skim and crawl through unnecessary content videos. They make it easier for the users to track diverse content that is connected via a similar hashtag. This is a huge time saver and a lot more convenient for the viewer.
 What are some Youtube Hashtag Rules?
Now that you have an idea of how powerful Youtube Hashtags can be, you can search for the most relevant and trending hashtags so that you can incorporate them in your comments, your description box, your videos, etc. You have tools lie RiteTag, Youtube Auto, Hashtagify, etc that will help you find the apt hashtags that you can use in your videos.
But before you incorporate the hashtags, get to know about the rules too:
–         There are several hashtag policies and Youtube Content Policies that you cannot flout and you need to be careful. Even if you are not aware of that policy and you flout that rule, you will be penalized or banned.
–         Do not over tag your video. You can use up to 15 hashtags in one single vide. Youtube will ignore all of them if you have more than 15 hashtags in a single video.
–         Do not try to use misleading hashtags. People use clickbait hashtags that are trending but the video content is about something else. You should not use hashtags that are directly related to someone else’s video content.
–         Do not use Sexual Content or Harassment. Do not use sexual or explicit hashtags to gain more views to your Youtube videos. Any such kind of hashtags found the video will be removed. Do not use any hashtags that are intended to harass or threaten someone.
Thus, these are a few Youtube hashtag policies that you need to be careful and take care of. It is better that you read the Youtube Community Guidelines before you begin using them to increase your views.

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