The home security industry has seen tremendous growth over the years. The evolving technology has caused a significant impact on home security. Every year brings about new trends that enhance the old technology to make home security very effective.
The advent of smart home innovation is proof that the home security industry is gradually becoming more efficient than ever. Security companies are working tirelessly to equip the home security tech with advanced features to offer homeowners access to software and hardware solutions that will keep them, their families and properties safe.
Here’s a glimpse of the trends that are going to shape home security in the near future:

1. Enhanced Surveillance Systems

The individual home surveillance markets are growing with innovative developments in the surveillance systems. Surveillance systems are slowly taking over from the public CCTV models. Tech companies are striving to offer the latest surveillance trends, such as:

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Thermal/Infrared Cameras

Thermal cameras are becoming the next big thing in the market. They are incorporated with enhanced technology, resolution capabilities and lighting features for capturing images. The thermal camera systems help to enhance night time and low-light security and are quite cost-effective.

Integrated systems

The home security system is now integrated with plenty of features to offer homeowners upscale convenience and user-friendliness. In one small footprint, you will find video surveillance, intruder sensors, access control, sensor lighting, and boundary security, among many other features. This allows the homeowner to operate from one central position without having to move from one system to another. 

Artificial Intelligence Surveillance

The emergence of artificial intelligence surveillance has led to the growth of convenience and task-based robot support. This trend helps to capture and relay images during surveillance. It is growing in innovation, and in the coming years, it will be easy to translate images communicated through robotics.

Drone Detection and Protection

Drones are products of innovation which can enhance security. When used positively, remote-controlled pocket drones can be surveillance devices that offer protection to homes. They can fly up to 20 feet when remotely deployed to respond to alarm alerts, check for intruders and monitor perimeters and access points. 
Drones will soon become the new trend with innovative features such as footage recording and data capture. The data and footage are automatically stored to cloud servers for reference purposes. You should remember too, that drones can be twisted around and become a threat to security when used negatively.

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2. Home Security automation

Home security automation continues to evolve and help revolutionize home security. The trend is shaping the home security industry by enabling the integration of home automation devices into security systems.
Home automation technology helps to enhance the convenience for homeowners by performing actions such as managing thermostats, switching the lights on and off, controlling entertainment systems, activating or deactivating electrical outlets, and activating humidity controls among many other automated actions.
Companies are working hard to automate more home devices and appliances to make the security system more efficient and safe.

3. Voice Control Integration

Voice control integration is a part of smart home automation that helps to control various aspects of the home. The homeowner gets speakers with voice activation capabilities that allow them to control devices using voice commands. In the coming years, voice control integration will be used to control cars too.
Voice activation features are going to enhance home security to make home automation efficient, easy and fun.
Soon homeowners will control their devices by controlling thermostats, turning lights on and off and activating humidity controls using voice commands.

4. Enhanced IoT Technology

The Internet of Things has augmented home security systems by enabling advancements of smart home technology. It helps to connect appliances and devices in a network.
It is expected that more devices and appliances will get connected in the coming future. There will be more smart dryers, refrigerators, washing machines and much more. This will help to improve security and homeowners’ lives.

5. Geo-Fencing

The trending home security systems base their services of geo-fencing. Geo-fencing technology helps to build a geographical boundary for automatically arming or disarming the home security system.
This is where you schedule an alarm system or switch to various types of modes, and the system will obey every instruction. You can add things like work mode or at home away mode with each mode configured differently. When in the ‘home’ mode, the system will get disarmed and have the lights and radio turned on.


Every year, manufacturers are becoming more innovative by creating smarter technology and devices. The homeowner should expect more innovations that will enhance their home security systems and make their homes more safe and peaceful.

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