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SiteColo is a managed cloud hosting and domain registration provider with 24/7 support. The Operations Center is located in Denver and the main Data Center is headquartered in Chicago. It is more than a web hosting company, an innovation company that develops proprietary software used for driving the customer’s success.
SiteColo, is a managed cloud hosting and domain registration provider. It developed an Artificial Intelligence for managing the workloads of its customers and the in-house dedicated resources including CPU, memory and input-output. This has enabled the firm to provide a safer, faster and more efficient web hosting experience for its customers. The newly developed AI is proving to be revolutionary fort the company and is looking change the future of cloud services.
An aggressively stable network with zero downtime, the firm provides all the customers with free SSL Certificates for all the domains. SiteColo is PCI DSS compliant and places a heavy focus on the security of its customer data.  The newly-deployed AI is a massive improvement to the previous cloud hosting technologies wherein locates the potential risks before they turn out to become a problem.
AI helps in saving an immense amount of time for both- the company as well as the customers. The newly developed AI helps in accomplishing the tasks within a day, that could have previously taken weeks, months or years under the less developed systems.
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Facts and Figures Related to Web-Hosting Services

  • There are around 1.94 billion websites
  • There are over 338 million registered domain names (by Q1’18)
  • WordPress is considered to be #1 CMS, which hosts over 20.5 million sites with a market share of 59.9%
  • The top 10 hosting companies account for about 24% of web hosting market
Number of Websites on Internet 

What can AI do for Web Hosting Businesses?

By using AI, businesses can manage their web hosting in a better manner. AI actively helps the web-hosting business by improving the way in which one can manage and control various operations of the business.
Following are some enlisted benefits of web-hosting businesses-

  • High Level of Security and Performance:

No incidents of malware attempts can get unnoticed because of the adaptive learning model of the machines that support AI. The user not only gets the warning but also gets a detailed report that can help in taking timely actions. It enables the website owners and hosting companies to act at the right time before any harm is done. Management of a website infrastructure requires regular involvement as well as investment.
AI is fully capable of carrying out data related tasks with more accuracy. With the use of AI, the users can save their staff from carrying out such tedious and manual tasks, thereby increasing the productivity time, resulting in better Return-of-Investment of the manpower. It also ensures maximum accuracy and faster delivery of results which maximize the realizable benefits

  • Use of Data for Report Generation:

The owners and stakeholders of the company can get comprehensive reports which include activities and periodical audits which keep the data fresh and relevant to meet the present needs. The updated information is sent in the real-time.
One can also get better insights into website performance which could help in various ways such as cost-efficiency, better performance, more number of satisfied customers and smoother running infrastructure process adding to the user experience. Such tools are able to perform optimization functionalities without any manual aid like configuration, bug and software fixes and upgradations.

  • Improved Accuracy Over Time:

Complex tasks are performed in lesser time with maximum accuracy and this capability is increasing with time as AI tends to learn faster than the humans. AI can also be trained for taking real-time actions to resolve the issues related to current site in real-time, offering the websites a consistent performance. So, be it a case of website getting heavy trafficked, or meeting unexpected glitches and fluctuations, the users can be assured the performance of the site remains unaffected

  • Improving Domain Performance:

AI very well understands the pattern in which the data is being coded and decoded. It analyses the data and adds new patterns to it. AI can forecast the performance of domain names and individual URLs. The companies tend to use AI for research and such type of domains can give higher traffics and conversion rates, thereby ultimately increasing the productivity and ROI of the web-hosted customers

  • Self-updating and Improving Systems:

For anyone associated with the digital field, it is necessary to keep the website and other related digital data to be updated for advertising to the target audience. This increases the constant maintenance work by human intervention. When AI is used for web-hosting services, it could decrease the work of repairing and maintenance, as the systems tend to self-update themselves. The updated system gives smooth workflow to all the users of digital platform

Leaders in AI Hosting

  • SiteColo: SiteColo introduced its AI system, which can handle scaling and predicting the traffic spikes for ensuring better user experiences. By managing workloads, it is designed to ensure that every website hosted by them is up. Use of dedicated resources such as CPU, memory and input/output can be adjusted automatically, which in turn improves the server performance
  • GoDaddy: GoDaddy uses AI in a creative way. ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence function is based on AI that generates templates and content for the user website. The quality of generated products is not comparable to the custom solutions, but can be used as something to start the process. The use of AI is not restricted to images and templates, and their uses deep learning technologies which can predict the price of a particular is worthy and gives advice on what option needs to be chosen
  • Canadian Web Hosting: It integrated an AI-based Linux-server protection system in the year 2017 and their security system, called Imunify360 serves Wavecom as well
Top 10 Hosting Companies
Top 10 Host Providers in United Kingdom (as of 2015)

Thus, AI can do a lot of other things which in turn helps the web hosting companies as well as individual website owners by warning against the cyber threats, keeping an activity track, taking proactive actions against the performance issues and maximization of the uptime.

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