VOIP Telephone calls or voice over internet protocol is a way of doing phone calls over the internet rather than traditional analog telephone signals. These types of calls are done through IP telephones, which are connected to the internet through LAN port. Nowadays we have this feature coming in mobile phones, as well as service providers, are availing VOIP call through the network, which only consumes data while making calls. Let discuss in details how VOIP calls work.

The History

From the invention of the telephone by Graham Bell in the late 19th century when the whole system was handled manually by operators at exchange stations by operators to make a telephone call happen to today at the beginning of the 21st century when we have VOIP calls, it has been a long journey with great learning and innovation. Things started to change rapidly once the internet was invented in the late ’90s and many companies start to work on the concept of making voice calls possible over the internet.

How VOIP Works

The basic telephone lines, which work on analog principles and are connected to our old home phones, can take up to 25 calls per line, so if more calls are queuing up they will get a busy tone. While digital lines, which are there for the internet could accommodate more calls. But we have these two lines in our home office for calls and internet earlier, but in VOIP we have a single line and single network for both calls and the internet. The VOIP calls convert the voice signals into data packets and send it through internet lines just like internet content following the network protocols. When the packets reach the destination they are tested, cleaned and unpacked and rearranged to get the original voice content.

How the Internet changed everything around us

Earlier internet was carried to homes and offices by telephone lines only and like we used to dial numbers to call internet was also triggered by dialing and it used to get interrupted when someone rings on the telephone line. Then it was thought to why not try having the voice calls over the internet rather than dedicated telephone lines to reduce cost. Initially, the call quality was very poor over the internet and there were a lot of interruptions and voice lines use to break frequently.


Increased popularity has tended to rapid cost cut on the internet and as a result, VOIP calls are much cheaper than traditional call tariffs. Now with the advent of cloud the VOIP calling services are installed there and being used by bulk customers without any issues and without any specialized hardware. Earlier where such calls were merely accessible to large business houses now small businesses as well home users are also using the VOIP call services. With the rise in internet speed and maybe 5G coming in near future VOIP calls will become more popular and will be accessible as the primary calling service across the world from cities to town to villages as well. You can get in touch with companies like Mightycall and Google Voice to know about their VoIP plans.

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