According to leading motivational speaker Vinod Adani, failure is often the primary step to success. Furthermore, while multiple failures can mean a longer journey towards your goals, success is never beyond your reach. To better understand failure and its relation to success, one must understand the upward trajectory from failures to achievements. Let’s take a closer look at failures and how they can propel you towards success with expert input from Mr Adani.

Vinod Adani-How Failures Can Propel You Toward Success

Sometimes, there is No Success without Failure

In his many interactions with people from all walks of life, Mr Vinod has closely encountered the fear of failure that often has a tight grip on many individuals. As per this leading life coach, oftentimes, it’s not failure that is an obstacle to success. The fear of failure stops people from working towards their goals. Failure is undesirable. Nobody wants to fail. Consequently, many avoid failures and thereby distance themselves from their true potential.

Embrace Failure Today

Whatever may be your hidden aspirations, Mr Vinod suggests that you embrace failure ASAP! Want to write that autobiography? Want to take a shot at competitive exams to acquire a better, more stable job? Want to master public speaking while being acutely introverted and shy? While all of the above could come with the embarrassment and disappointment of failure, Mr Adani encourages you to embrace your aspirations and the failures that are a roadblock to achieving your goals. Why? This is because, more often than not, failures hold the key to success. However, finding success despite failing requires looking at failures objectively while refusing to be overwhelmed by the shame and disappointment of failing. Read more to learn how to do just that.

Fail like Nobody’s Watching

Often, private failures are easier to digest than public failures. The shame of failing doubles when everyone watches you stumble and fall as you journey towards your goals. Unfortunately, the fear of failing and having one’s temporary setbacks become public knowledge among family and friends is debilitating, often to the point that getting up and trying again is met with procrastination and reluctance.

According to Mr Adani, the key here is to forget that everyone is watching. Your failures hurt you, and your subsequent successes benefit you. More often than not, people around you do not count. Most are either grappling with their failures or are basking in their achievements. Logic dictates that failures and success are intrinsic to everyone’s journey. If you walk long enough, you are bound to reach your destination.

The fear of failures and the resulting lack of impetus and stagnancy is an overarching failure which may prevent you from failing in the ways you fear most but still keep you away from the achievements you desire most. Vinod Adani, a leading Indian motivational speaker and businessperson, personally ascribes to the ‘nobody is watching’ approach to failure. For Mr Vinod, it is as simple as failing and trying again, minus the crippling fear of who thinks what of your losses.

Each Failure is an Instruction Manual

We often hear stories of inventors spectacularly failing before releasing into the world a great discovery that benefits the world. When you switch on your light bulb, you don’t spare a second to acknowledge all the unviable light bulbs Thomas Edison worked on before perfecting his invention. But each failure held a lesson to perfect his invention. Our failures work the same way. Every failure can be an instruction manual for success, and leading life coaches like Vinod Adani place great confidence in this fundamental truth.

As such, it becomes imperative to learn from our failures. Furthermore, even the failure of others can propel you towards success, as long as your heart and mind are in learning mode, as opposed to being overwhelmed by the shame and disappointment that comes with fear. James Cameroon, Oscar-winning movie director, said, “If you set your goals ridiculously high, and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success”. This here is a fundamental truth best etched into your mind.

Failure is a Challenge staring at You

Have you ever taken up a ridiculous challenge because someone dared you to do the same? In much the same way, failure is a challenge, staring at you, daring you to take another shot at what you initially set out to do before hitting a roadblock. Don’t back away from the challenge; try again. According to Mr Vinod, while failure comes with its share of disappointments and sadness, the lack of failure in your life can often mean regret and repression. When you back away from a challenge and repress your aspirations, you will feel private and personal regret that could last a lifetime.

Failure is as simple as fighting the good fight till you win. Do not back away from the challenges failure presents, or you will be stuck with a version of yourself that is far from your true potential. The inability to achieve one’s true potential often means a lifetime of regret for many individuals. Fortunately, failure is not the end of your story. Failure can propel you to success. However, according to Vinod Adani, it is imperative to reject the fear of failure and learn from it to reach your goals despite the setbacks you may encounter.

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