Before technology kicked in, all the school management work was done manually. It means that a person had to make changes in students’ or teachers’ files, make timetable and report cards manually. From the day of admission to the day of graduation, everything was managed by hand. Not only this method was unreliable and hectic but also used many resources like more space to keep all the files and more labor force, hence more money.
As the tech world advances, these manual systems are being replaced by technology-induced software and systems.  One good thing about switching to software is that it is a one-time investment with all the features just a click away. (if you found the right software) It will be just the management cost in 10-12 coming years.
The other noteworthy points of TNR School Management System (TNRSMS) are its non-functional features. TNRSMS is made with extra care to make it easy-to-use so that the customers have the best experience exploring the system. The UI/UX of the system is simple yet professional, decent yet scalable. The system’s security is unwavering as experts here have gone an extra mile to ensure no third party can have access to the confidential information of a school in any way. The system is as secure as Fort Knox and as reliable as a clockwork. The system is adaptable to all kinds of environment or operating systems with maximum performance output.
School Management like never before!
Saving you the effort of searching for the best of the best school management system in town today is “The Next Rex School Management System (TNRSMS)”.

Why is it considered the best of the best?

The first and the foremost answer to this question is undoubtedly the number of main features it covers! Ask a wise man, what is the use of investing your money in a system that does not even fulfill all your requirements? TNR’s School Management System made sure to not let you down with any lack in the main features. All the features satisfy all your demands, TNR guarantees to provide you with a complete web-based school management solution!
Moreover, TNRSMS is easy to use, affordable and highly user-friendly. It is designed to give schools and colleges the software that ensures that all of the vital information on each and every student is easily accessible when needed. Thus, increasing the productivity of your educational institution.
Let’s look through all the features one by one below.

1) Student Management:

Students are the face of the school and organized student management is the heart of the school. TNR student management feature controls everything concerning a student, whether it be the admission of a student or change in the address of the student. TNRSMS gives you control over all the profiles of the student within a clicks’ reach. The search feature on the .csv file makes it easier to put filters and do analysis on the student’s performance and results.
Some of the options include:
– Student admission
– Bulk import of students using csv
– Compact student profile
– Student promotion

2) Exam Management:

Workload doubles during the exam season. It is necessary to manage everything without the stress of overburdening workload. TNRSMS allows you to customize and store question papers organized class-wise, with a separate customized grading system for all the classes. It also aids in keeping the record of all tests and help in generating a report card.
Some of the options include:
– Question papers
– Customizable grading system
– Intuitive marks the management
– Tabulation sheet of marks
– Send exam marks by SMS

3) Class Management:

No more timetable clashes, no more tension of student’s attendance reports, no more missed study materials with TNRSMS’s class management feature.
Some of the options include:
– Multiple sections under a certain class
– Ability to upload an academic syllabus
– Section-wise class routine
– Distinctive study materials
– Class-wise subject selection
– Students’ daily attendance
– Students’ attendance report

4) Fee Management:

No need to hire an auditor separately to manage accounts for you. All you need is someone to input the data into the fee module and let TNRSMS do the job for you. The system is designed to generate invoices, manage student’s payment history and expenses for organizing any event.
Some of the options include:
– Invoice generation for student fees
– Mass invoice generation
– Student-specific payment history
– Expense management with specific categories
– Multiple payments under the same invoice
– Use online or manual payment
– Set an accountant for fees management
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5) Library:

What is a school without a library? All schools must have a library where a student’s mind should nurture it’s creative and imaginary bounds, be able to explore the world via books and stay concentrated (without distractions). TNRSMS’s library module provides you with all the viable hallmarks for full control and easy access to the library as it helps you organize the books categorically, keep track of issued books and their due dates.
Some of the options include:
– Organize books by a class
– Issue books from the school library
– Keep track of issued books
– Set a librarian to manage the school library

6) School Administration:

A good school with poor school administration is a nightmare. A school administration defines the standards of a school. You can say it is like a soul to the school. TNRSMS helps you manage all the administrative features with precision. Sending notifications module via SMS is also integrated into the system.
Some of the options include:
– Manage your school’s transports
– Organize school dormitory
– Send private messages to users
– Customize school information
– Choose any color scheme for your school
– Set online payment information
-Integrate SMS gateway of your choice
– One click system update without losing any data
The Next Rex School Management System is a complete package for all the school. Installing this system for school management can make your life easy and peaceful. It is secure, manageable, reliable, scalable and responsive. The system is attractive to eyes and comfortable to use, satisfying the customers, students and parents equally.  TNRSMS is made with grave thought and process, keeping in mind everyone who can be associated with the school.

By Deepak

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