The past summer was full of struggles to bring the best virtual education resources. You can find a lot of useful sites that can do my homework for me and use tons of apps for school kids to use in their education journey. The math apps for kids and preschoolers enable them to master simple arithmetic. With my three-year-old child’s help, I have tested all these apps to ensure the apps are for this age bracket.

The Best 9 Math Apps For Little Kids And Preschoolers

 The following are the best apps for kids and preschoolers.

Drive about numbers

The app gives guidance to kids following the agreed learning set. The kids choose the games on their own at random, like many other apps. It helps the kids to have a learning trajectory, unlike favoring a single game. The game is fun, and one of the games featured is a snowboarding yak down the mountain. It needs the kids to help grab all the numbered flags in the order of their numbers. Irresistible!

Tracing and counting 123 numbers

Other apps in this term paper help are free of charge without any ads or in-app purchases. The game is free of charge! It’s simple to play this game than the paid app games. You will do the task with mini-games after several tracing and identifying quantities.

You cannot choose the number range for kids as the game defaults to one to 50. So it makes the game be little advanced for younger kids.

Elmo loves 123s

The game resembles the pattern of Elmo loves ABCs but incorporates Abby and Elmo. Kids need to toggle through various tasks like coloring, tracing, and video watching. The app features the real Sesame St. video content, but the kid needs to participate more in the show. Choose the skills you want your child to work on and leave the ones known to the kid.

Duck math

The game has a good track record of years without disappointment. It has many features for the kid, with several games building different skills in kids. For example, kids need to do number recognition practices in the moose juice bar game. In addition, they need to adhere to smoothie recipes.

The app game is free.

Dragon Box numbers

It teaches children without the educational feeling. The old school Mario brothers make kids press correct numbers. They then get to the next corresponding level to collect stars. The other game requires them to subtract and add by staking monsters in taller monsters. The app targets three-year-old kids.

Fuzzy numbers

The app is set as an enjoyable fairy tale with an ocean, castle, beanstalk, and a farm. Kids will explore various games as they go around the kingdom. Give the kids some help to understand the games, but after mastering the skills, they will enjoy it. The app’s different games help kids estimate quantities. It offers them good starting points for child development.

Endless numbers

The app has adorable cartoons that teach simple arithmetic and number recognition. If your kid will add one and one together, number two burps on screen.

Todo math

The app gives you a chance to choose the competency level of your child before the kid starts to play. The choice prevents the games from frustrating the kid by being too easy or too advanced. For an effective learning pace, the app runs between ten and 15 minutes a day. It has sections on tracing, counting, patterns, and tallies for young learners.

2+ years toddler games

The first set of numbers make kids pick passengers to fill the space in a plane. They then learn to estimate quantity using tree apples.


Math is a concrete subject that needs gradual teaching from the elementary stage. Using games is the best way to teach the basic concepts of this subject to kids. If that won’t be enough, make sure to check out Manic Readers to get in depth answers for your homework.

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