All right I have found the best book on sales ever written I have read a handful of whom I have to say this one was something that really resonated me with me this book I loved it I finished it in about I do not know two days it takes you can probably read it in a couple hours if you wanted to and that book is a book published in 1968 about and that is the greatest salesman in the world check this if you are into sales this is your book right here if you are not in the sales and you just want to learn how to live a better life principles to start living more richly guess what this is the book for you – this was.

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So it’s written in a a fictional way which is refreshing to read in this kind of genre so it was really cool to see the story and it’s essentially this about these ten Scrolls that are passed down from a somebody who received the scrolls and he passes them down to somebody else and he passes them down with somebody else and they say but the third person who has the scrolls that they can offer this this message to the world tens ten Scrolls that will help you become the greatest salesman in the world and so the captivating right there right here you could wonder me what’s in these ten Scrolls and while I recommend reading this book of course.

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I will just go over what the ten scrolls are real quick this is not gonna do it justice I am just letting you know the kind of content in the book the first scroll is the power of good habits something I am completely completely adamant about doing coaching with my clients creating positive habits scroll to greet each day with love in your heart scroll three I will persist until I succeed that is something that every successful person has ever told me what’s the secret to success guess what persistence perseverance scroll number four I am nature’s greatest miracle scroll number five live each day as if it were your last scroll number six master your emotions something else I really dig deep in in my own coaching Skol number seven the power of laughter learning how to say how to just laugh at the world I have this thing that I say and it’s you know everybody says this thing where they go we are gonna laugh about this someday well.

If you know that just laugh about it now you might as well just enjoy your life laughter is a amazing medicine scroll number eight multiply your value every day scroll number nine all is worthless without action action action action persistence good habits right scroll number ten this is a scroll that it might sound funny for some of you myself included before I started reading the last girl is pray to God for guidance now with that said there are some Christian underlying themes throughout this book and normally for some of us for myself included that is not really my my style and but it did not turn me off and if you are a Christian in reading this you are gonna love it I believe that if you are not a Christian open your mind up to the possibility of what this book is saying because I am reading through it and I am not a Christian myself but I am reading through it and the kind of that theme that underlying theme in the book was was almost necessary to get the point across.

You will know by the time you get to the tenth scroll what I am talking about this book was designed that’s all I will say about the the religious part of it pick it up if you are really just pick it up if you are not it can change your life it will change your sales I am sure with that said the book was intended to be read over the course of ten months you are supposed to read a scroll a month you are supposed to read it three times a day for a month and starting tomorrow I am reading a scroll a day three times a scroll for thirty days three times a day for the next ten months and I will be implementing what it was suggested in this book how do you read this book so I will be doing that another recommendation I like to make I think this is the best book on sales

If ever I have ever read I was smiling ear-to-ear reading this I was getting chills I loved I loved loved loved this book I cannot recommend it enough if you are just getting into sales this is more about the philosophy of it so I would suggest this book with another one I will find it right now if I can find it here it is I would suggest the greatest salesman in the world with another one of my favorites Ziggler on sale selling this is a little more tangible tools practices to do kind of my flavor this is more of the philosophical side of sales so what are you waiting for I will leave the link to the descriptive link to the book on Amazon in the description below check it out just open your mind to this world and in just the the abundance that I am sure is gonna happen in my life.


We are just reading this and what may happen in your life as well let me know if you have read the book what you thought of it in the comments below if you have not read it let me know if you are picking it up I liked you know I like to inspire you all to read these books they have changed my life helped impact my life I think I am super pumped in this right now it’s like just finished it I just finished it five minutes ago and I had to pull out the camera and take a few minutes and talk about this the greatest salesman in the world and if you are interested as well in your you know this is for life and sales I just dropped the other book this is for life and sales strictly for sales I would recommend all of these books together the only two books you ever need to read.

By Deepak Rupnar

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.

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