CV (from Lat. Curriculum Vitae – life path) is a broader concept than a resume in our understanding of the word. The area of ​​its application is also wider. You will need a CV not only for employment but also when applying for a master’s degree or an internship. CV will have a different focus in each case. To create a good CV, you can use the professional CV writing service, or just listen to our advice and write it yourself.

Professional cv writing service

  • The first thing employers pay attention to is the appearance of the resume. Therefore, to write a promising CV, it is essential to list all your skills and present the information correctly. – CV Writing Service – ResumeGet.

Professional cv resume writing services adhere to one principle in resume design. There must be consistency and logic in everything in identical margins, font, formatting, graphic highlighting of headings, and sub-paragraphs. Remember that your text needs to be easy to read, so use a standard font, keep line spacing, and don’t overdo it.

  • Typos, spelling, and punctuation errors in the resume are unacceptable.
  • Don’t get creative and pour water. A CV is a document, and its content should be clear and consistent. Imagine yourself in the position of a recruiter: he receives many applications a day. In the minute that he has to look at your resume, he should understand that your skills and experience meet the candidate’s requirements.

There are some specific requirements for CV writing.

  1. When composing a CV, it is not recommended to use italics, bold, underline, and other emphasis elements.
  2. Previous jobs are listed in chronological order, starting with the earliest.
  3. The CV language should be literate and understandable, without spelling and stylistic errors.
  4. Try to avoid long, complex sentences, multiple phrases, colloquial expressions, and personal pronouns.
  5. The employers should not strain their brains, pondering the meaning of what you have written. Most likely, such a CV will go to the trash can. The font should be standard (Times New Roman, size 12), sometimes size 14 is allowed.
  6. The photo can be attached either as a separate file or inserted into the body of the CV.
  7. It is best to save the finished document in two formats – standard MS Word and file with the txt extension for DOS operating systems.

If the resume serves for a superficial acquaintance of the employer with the applicant’s experience and work skills, then the CV allows you to get a complete picture of a person as a work unit. It should list all the skills and abilities available, the positions in which the person worked previously, and the reasons for leaving them, the duties performed in the previous positions, personal and labor qualities. Often, CVs are sent to the employer by email, but some require this document in a printed version. Do not get lost if, after reading the resume, the employer or HR manager asks for a CV – this means that you are interested in him as a potential employee.

Difference between resume and CV

Many resume design and writing rules can be used for CV writing.

  1. A CV is a more extensive, detailed summary of the content of your previous education and experience and skills acquired.
  2. Experience and knowledge determine the scope of your CV
  3. On average, a CV is 2-3 pages long for most graduate and postgraduate students.
  4. The CV includes more detailed information about you.
  5. The emphasis is on academic achievements, such as education received and courses you attended, continuing education, research interests, published work, teaching and/or work experience, academic awards, and all other additional information directly related to the chosen field of activity.

The first thing to understand before you start filling out a blank sheet of the word: no HR person understands what an ideal CV should be. There are no perfect CVs, just like people. Writing a CV means giving a sober assessment of your knowledge and skills. Do not embellish, let alone lie in your resume. Also, we would not advise you to use a professional cv and cover letter writing service. It is better to hire a professional. Each CV item will be discussed during the interview. If you are hired and subsequently turns out that your CV is not right, you will be fired immediately. Don’t run the risk of being blacklisted by job seekers and shores your reputation.

Summary: Why do we need it?

An executive summary is a summary of the text and its underpinnings. The summary contains the main idea of the text and certain key words and phrases. In order to write a resume you need to learn how to work with text. Often you have to write a text summary if you are studying English or French. There are certain rules that allow you to write a resume correctly, so that the text did not lose its meaning, and it was just his brief form. In order to write a resume correctly you need to master certain rules that will allow you to achieve good results. To begin with you need to define what a resume is and make a difference between a resume as a brief display of text and resume as a brief but detailed information about the person as far as his education and professional skills are concerned.

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