If you’re a current or graduate student, you probably wondered how to make a resume for your first job. Most job offers require work experience, and how should you get it if you’ve never worked anywhere before? And what should you write in your resume if you have nothing to add more than education?



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First of all, the resume contains a wealth of information in addition to work experience.

You must indicate your contact details, educational information, additional skills, and possible knowledge of foreign languages. This may not be enough for some companies. What then should a young specialist write as “work experience?

How to make a resume for a first job high school student?

We will give you a couple of tips on what to write on your résumé to get your first job. Try to remember everything you did in high school. And it’s not about parties. You probably took a part in some kind of contest or did scientific works. What are you good at? Maybe there’s a teacher who has noticed your grades in his class. Maybe you had an internship? How did you spend your free time? Remember all extracurricular activities related to future work and add them to your resume.

Do not forget to tell about your hobbies and show an active social life. Every employer wants to see an employee passionate about his work. In this document, you have to show everything you are good at. Be confident in yourself and prove that you are the ones who deserve this job!

What is a personal resume?

A resume (from Latin curriculum vitae, “life course,” often abbreviated to CV) is a document containing information about skills, work experience, education, and other relevant information, usually required when considering a person for employment.

The purpose of the resume is to draw attention to yourself at the first, as a rule, correspondence acquaintance, to make a favorable impression and encourage the employer to invite you to a personal meeting.

Hence the main principle of writing a resume – to emphasize all the positive aspects and make invisible, as far as possible, what your strengths are not.

A resume usually consists of several sections, each of which is intended to briefly inform a potential employer of all the information a candidate needs to be hired. The resume should not include information that has nothing to do with the proposed job.

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