Getting friends and followers on YouTube may not seem too important, but the return on investment is ridiculously high. If I had to evaluate the value of certain activities on YouTube, it would go as Views, Comments, Subscribers.

Wanting and subscribing are the two most important things a person can do for your channel.

Treats are crucial because it’s someone who raises his hand and tells you he has enough interest in what you have to say to associate with you on his own channel. It also shows that you are a nice person on YouTube, and YouTube is taking note of it. YouTube is also a social media site and should be treated as such when it comes to interacting with others.

Your friend’s list can also be a powerful tool to search for people to collaborate with, search for affiliates, and send them a quick message through the YouTube messaging system that you have a new video and you’d be grateful for it appreciates. They could send it to their lists and subscribers.

Someone who subscribes is the most valuable because a few things are happening here.

First of all, this is the ultimate position of a fan, and we all know that people are fans just before being buyers.

Second, a large number of subscriber base is one of the most important things YouTube needs to consider when deciding which videos to show, which videos to choose, how to choose a YouTube partner, and even how to place your video in its search engines.

Third, someone subscribes to your channel, and you make a video; YouTube updates them via the YouTube homepage and a weekly email update of new videos you’ve made. It’s an autoresponder that you do not have to pay or even think about.

So, how do you get friends and subscribers?

When making a video, you must remember to have a call to action at the end. Of course, you want to talk to people about your site and invite them to visit, but many people do not want to go to your site right now and want to explore your channel and get to know you better. As part of your call to action, also tell them to subscribe to your channel to be the first to receive your new video as soon as it’s released or something like that. When people watch videos, they are very passive. They do not think about subscribing unless you tell them to do it. When you do this, love tends to accompany him too.

You will also need a computer with a medium Internet connection and various basic tools like a webcam. With these, you can upload your own videos and Try to Buy Youtube Subscribers. To attract your audience, practice some of the following tips and see how it encourages other YouTubers to follow your channel, watch videos and subscribe.


Customize your channel preferably, something simple, clean and easy to read. I see good channels, but they tend to use a dark background that is hard to navigate and not easy to read. While this may work for some people, their videos reflect it.

Choose relevant titles for your videos, including tags. Imagine yourself as a potential grantmaker and think about what they would type on YouTube to find a video similar to yours. The more relevant your keywords are in tags and the title of the video, the better your video will be thus attracting subscribers.

Always press the “Subscribe” button on any channel to become a subscriber. This will encourage the other user to do the same.

A decent way to gain visibility is to comment on other videos. Interaction gives you visibility by allowing users to click on your channel. They will watch your videos and, hopefully, if they are good, you will have a subscriber.

Create a video response. These can always be a great way to earn hits and subscribers. Download a fairly recent and decent video. If the user accepts; your video will be displayed under theirs, which will give you a lot of visibility and the opportunity to gain some additional subscribers along the way.

Promote on social networking sites. All your efforts to publicize your videos and your channel through advertisements will eventually lead to subscribers. You can do this on sites that include, but are not limited to: Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. There are lots of these sites available; Always use this advantage.

And remember: tags, tags, keywords and irrelevant spam will get people to watch your videos. This will eventually make them shit. This will give you some temporary success, but it will not help you create an audience. Remember; you want them to come back several times. Do not bother them, preventing them from coming back.

By Deepak

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