Chatbots are now considered one of the most innovative trends in digital marketing. More Facebook pages and websites have started using this artificial intelligence to grow their business and increase their conversions. However, eCommerce competition gets fiercer each day, making it more challenging for both marketers and brands to come up with strategies that would win customers’ hearts.
chatboxThis is where Chatbots helps separate your brand from the rest, making your website and Facebook page more efficient and productive. These chatbots have the ability to respond to your customers faster and provide them with high-quality service that would help increase conversions. Check out these statistics you need to know about chatbot marketing.
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Now, you must be asking yourself where to start?

Adding a chatbot to your Facebook page is one of the most effective and efficient ways to help increase conversions. You can turn your page’s chatbot from sending an ordinary greeter to a digital salesperson.
An example would be Spotify’s Facebook Messenger, its chatbot makes it easier for customers to find, listen to, and share music — it’ll help you get started and give you music recommendations based on your mood, genre of your choice, or what you’re doing.
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You might be thinking that adding chatbots on your Facebook page is rocket science, worry not because MobileMonkey, a premier Facebook Messenger chatbot platform allows marketers to create efficient chatbots to interact with their customers, grow its contact list, and increase conversions — it allows you to create as many chatbots as you want with the help of templates or from scratch.

Here are five ways you can increase conversions with the help of MobileMonkey’s chatbot platform:

1. Improving customer service

Think about this, being able to provide excellent customer service would not only help you increase conversion, but it would also win their trusts. Being able to give answers and solutions to their concerns is crucial in setting you apart from your competition — this can also determine a customers’ deciding factor if they are to purchase your products or services.

2. Building brand awareness

Another way of creatively using your Facebook Messenger chatbot is letting people what your brand does. This is one of the most effective ways to capture visitors’ interests, because showing what your brand is about to your targeted audiences adds appeal, therefore, increasing conversion. You can do this by providing visitors a greeting message which allows them to learn more about what your business does and offers, you can also provide a menu on your Messenger window to enable you to ask visitors some questions related to your product or services that they may need answers to.

3. Encouraging visitors to visit your website

When your visitors have finally warmed up to what your brand does and offers, you can start redirecting them to your eCommerce website, but keep in mind to make it feel conversational and natural, and avoid trying to sound like a salesperson’s pitch — a well thought off and well-organized conversation tend to work effectively.

4. Sending an ad hoc broadcasts to your subscribers

Sending message chat blasts or broadcasts to your subscribers help you update your customers about the latest happenings on your brand, you can also offer them useful content which will redirect them to your website’s blog page. Just keep in mind not to sound or feel too “salesy.”

5. Assisting your customers with product guide

Create a chatbot that acts as a product assistant to your customers, guiding them to your latest product offers. Keep in mind that most customers don’t know where to look for the information they need. According to Forbes, about 83% of eCommerce shoppers need assistance in completing an order. Offering them help can also drive customer loyalty and increase conversion.
The use of Facebook Messenger chatbots is clearly one of the best ways to increase conversion. According to Facebook Insight, 53% users said that they are more likely to shop with a business they can reach out to via the Messenger, so now’s the right time to take advantage of chatbots.

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