As everyone knows, a database is simply data arranged in a structured set for storing various types of information. To create a WordPress website, it is vital that you need to create a WordPress database first. This is so because the structure of WordPress demands that you create eleven tables in the database to store all the information. As your database continues to grow, it is natural that it becomes somewhat clunky and slows down and this makes it necessary for it to be optimized on a regular basis. The best way of optimizing your WordPress database is by means of an effective WordPress database plug-in. Some of the best WordPress database plugins are reviewed herewith: 

The Vital Importance of the WordPress Database 

As every web developer who is conversant with WordPress will know that the content of the website can be classified into three different categories; the core files of WordPress, the theme files, and the MySQL database. While all the three form the core of a WordPress website and are essential, the first two can generally be easy to repair or reinstall without much of a hassle. However, the database is regarded as irreplaceable because not only is it unique to each and every website but also the adding of information to it over time increases its value. It is important to note that at the end of the day, the entire contents of the website are stored in the database; the data includes stuff like details of people, participants, posts, pages, and more. Since your database is the repository of all the information of each and every single webpage, you can estimate the havoc it will create if the database is disrupted in any manner. Since the easy retrieval of information from the WordPress database is essential, it is important to ensure that all the data in the database is organized well with the least number of revisions as possible. Additionally, it is important to keep the amount of overhead that every database compiles to a minimum because when the extent of overhead piles up, it can cause the website to lag in performance and slow it down perceptibly. This makes it vital for all WordPress databases to be cleaned periodically so that its performance is optimized.

Best WordPress Plugins for Optimizing the Database Performance 

Even though WordPress website administrators can clean up or defragment the database by accessing the defrag function through phpMyAdmin, the cleanup can be done far better with the help of third-party WordPress database plugins. Using these plugins is a better option for website administrators since their use does not require any manual search for the database or its tables and they also provide a number of extra features that ensure that the quality of database cleanup is better. According to experts at, some of the most useful WordPress searchable database plugins are:


Used by over half a million extremely satisfied users all over the world WP-Optimize is without doubt one of the most popular WordPress database optimization plugins. Recommended by WordPress database experts, the plug-in helps to clean up the database of stuff like, trackback, redundant comments, expired transient options, and pingbacks that clutter up the database and make it slow and inefficient. Additionally, the defragmentation feature will allow the table to be thoroughly defragmented with complete control of the optimization process. The plug-in allows administrators to schedule the cleanups so that you can time it as per convenience without having to set reminders to fire it at regular intervals. The biggest advantage of using this plug-in is that it is available completely free of charge and permits you to allocate precious funds to other essential activities. 

Advanced Database Cleaner

The Advanced Database Cleaner, like its name suggests, is a really feature-loaded WordPress database optimization plug-in that is popular with users for ensuring a really clean WP database performing at its peak efficiency. The plug-in removes all unnecessary items from the database like drafts and irrelevant comments while giving you complete control over the database and allowing you to select the data to be deleted. The plug-in will also take care of optimizing the database after the cleaning operation has been done so that peak operating efficiency is automatically guaranteed. Like WP-Optimize, it also allows database administrators to schedule the data cleanups and optimizations. What makes it a killer choice for network administrators is that it permits multisite installations. You can choose from a free option or paid versions that start from $29 for a single site going all the way up to $199 for unlimited sites.


With over 100,000 active installations WP-DBManager is another great option for cleaning up WordPress websites. It has a full set of features that offers users virtually all the functions they need for the proper management of the WordPress database such as cleaning up and optimizing the tables, comments, posts as well as the repair, restoration, and backup of databases. Users can run the nominated queries directly from the plug-in as well as allow them to delete backups, drop and empty tables and schedule the cleanup and optimization as per their own schedule. According to, WP-DBManager makes customization easy as it automatically creates a database menu on the website dashboard. 

WP Cleaner Pro

For newcomers, the entire matter of cleaning up and optimizing WordPress databases can be a very frightening proposition. In this context, any WP database plug-in that is user-friendly and intuitive to operate will get very high marks. WP Cleaner Pro delivers one of the easiest ways of database maintenance and optimization to make your WordPress website perform better and faster. The plug-in can clean as many as 25 different types of data as well as automatically optimize the database for speed at per a chosen schedule. The plug-in can, however, be only used for a single installation as there is no version that can handle multiple sites. The plug-in comes bundled with the Envato Market plug-in that automatically updates the WP Cleaner Pro plug-in whenever new updates are available.


It is to be appreciated that the database is at the heart of any WordPress website as it contains the details of the records. With time and regular use, these databases become progressively slower so it is necessary for them to be cleaned up and optimized so that users don’t become annoyed with the slow speed. WordPress database plugins are the preferred way for WordPress administrators to keep their sites operating at peak efficiency for complete user satisfaction. 

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