Education has led to the growth of technology. Now technology is playing a significant role in the advancement of knowledge. It is opening up numerous opportunities to students and teachers as well. For instance, there are many gadgets that make it easier for teachers and educators to share their knowledge with their students. These are gadgets that every teacher should have.
Here is a review of five gadgets that have proved most useful to teachers and educators according to educators at Weekly Essay.

  1. Interactive Projector

    Projectors have always come in handy in classrooms. However, traditional projectors have certain shortcomings. For instance, lighting and distance are usually a problem. Interactive projectors have found ways to overcome these shortcomings and offer more benefits.

The most significant benefit of interactive projectors is that they are capable of displaying interactive images. That means that the teacher and students can contribute to the images for a more interactive learning experience. These projectors can also display on any flat surface, so you don’t need a display board. They are also bright enough to display on bright surfaces in well-lit classrooms; they come fitted with brilliant lumens that display distinct and refined colors.
The best thing about interactive projectors is their flexibility. You can use them in virtually any setting as long as there is a flat surface to project on. They are also compatible with a wide range of gadgets, including some smartphones.

  1. SmartBoard

More and more schools are getting smart boards owing to their versatility. They look just like the traditional whiteboards, but they bring lessons to life through smart interactive technology.
Smartboards are designed to be compatible with projectors and computers (as well as a range of smart devices). The project displays images on the smartboard. The teacher can then interact with the image from the computer or directly on the smart board’s touch-screen. Modern smart boards come with multi-touch screens that allow both teachers and educators to work on an image, thus making interactive learning and teaching easier and more practical.

  1. Wireless Presenter

Teachers need flexibility in the classroom. A wireless presenter may be the ideal answer. It will allow you to teach while positioned anywhere in the classroom; not necessarily at the front.
Modern wireless presenters are using the latest technology to enhance accuracy in the classroom. They come with precision laser pointers for spot-on presentation, and powerful remote controls that give you unhindered access to your presentation. For instance, these remotes have controls to start and end slideshows. Moreover, they can access other pages and files on the computer and projector.

  1. Wacom Inkling

    Art teachers have a lot of gadgets to work with, but Wacom Inkling is arguably the most exciting yet. This gadget enables you to draw sketches on any paper surface and transfer the sketches to your Mac PC. The gadget brings out images in great detail. It also works great for taking short notes when teaching or researching.

  1. E-Book Reader

An e-book reader is the most convenient gadget for teachers and students. It will put a vast library of books at your disposal, therefore, as you want to read any book, all you need to do is to type the title. As such, you can say goodbye to trips to the library or bookstore. You will also save a lot of time and money as a monthly subscription will grant you access to virtually any book you may need. There are dedicated e-book reading gadgets such as Kindle. However, you can also download e-book applications and access all the books you want through your smartphone or tablet.
Teaching is becoming easier and more enjoyable, thanks to advances in educational technology. These five gadgets have proven to be the most useful yet. Every teacher deserves one!

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