People love playing different games; some love to play survival games, arcade games and many more. Along with that, some people love to play crossword puzzle games.

And by having a look at the craze of crossword puzzle games, there are several such games getting developed daily. Hence this is making it difficult for people to choose the best crossword puzzle game for them.

Top 5 Crossword Puzzle To Play In 2022

In this post, we will talk about the top 5 crossword puzzles to play in 2022, from which you can pick the most appropriate option. We will also look at a solution to find solutions for your puzzles, which is to Enter News daily.

This is a platform that helps you get solutions for almost every type of crossword puzzle easily.

All About Crossword Puzzle Games: 

Crossword Puzzle is not just a single type of game, but you can find several games under crossword puzzles. These games come under various sections, which mean you would discover crossword puzzles for movies, companies, businesses, and many more such topics.

Also, with such puzzle games, you would be provided suggestions to get the answers easily.

Here are a few benefits of playing crossword puzzle games:

  • The first and major benefit of playing crossword puzzle games is that you would work on your brain’s thinking skills. As every new crossword will make you get into some critical thinking procedure, you would be able to notice some amazing changes in your daily life too by regularly practicing or playing such games.

Also, if you want to get updated crosswords daily, you can check out Daily Puzzle by Crossword 911.

  • The second benefit of playing puzzle games is that you would be able to refresh your mind. If you are new at playing such games, it will initially feel like a task for you, but after some time and learning this game, you would be able to take it as a refreshing process.
  • Crossword puzzle games can help you improve your vocabulary. Now, most of you must be thinking how?

Well, the answer is there are high chances whenever you are playing a crossword puzzle game at that time, you would be able to learn a new word that you haven’t heard about before.

In this way, you would improve your vocabulary and add new words to your bucket.

  • Crossword puzzle games also help you in improving your social bonds. Because there’s a type of crossword game where more than one person can play the game, in this way, you would be able to connect and interact with them, hence work on your social bonds.

This was all about crossword puzzle games and its benefits. In the coming section, we will look at the top 5 crossword puzzle games to play in 2022.

Top 5 Crossword Puzzle To Play in 2022: 

Several crossword puzzle games are available, but we filtered out the top 5 games you can play in 2022. Let us have a look at those options:

1. New York Times:

We can consider The New York Times Crossword puzzle as the oldest started crossword puzzle game. Under this game, you would notice puzzles around new words, politics, business and more.

Moreover, it also comes up with an amazing crossword puzzle series on the second Sunday of every month. Under this crossword puzzle, you would get some excluding puzzle games that are different from others.

2. LA Times:

Here comes the second option from the list, which is LA Times Crossword Puzzle. The application of this crossword puzzle is mobile-friendly to play the games directly from your phone.

Not only that, you won’t have to be a subscriber of the LA Times to play this game, as it’s free for everyone. Moreover, this is a perfect option for all those who are eagerly waiting for the next crossword puzzle, as the new puzzles get updated every day at the same time.

So you would be able to get the puzzles easily.

3. Crossword 911:

This is a new platform from where you can take advantage of amazing crossword puzzles from various sectors. You would be able to get several new and updated crossword puzzles daily.

Most people think that Crossword 911 is a platform from which you can get crossword puzzles. But along with that, you can get several resources around how to be better at crossword puzzles, finding solutions to your puzzles and many more such things.

This website is a gold mine for all the crossword puzzle game players. You can even search for specific items through this platform and can find crossword puzzles from various platforms in one place only.

4. The Telegraph:

The next option from the list of top 5 crossword puzzles to play in 2022 is The Telegraph. Here at this platform, you can take advantage of various puzzle games such as Sudoku, Crosswords, Cryptic Crossword, General Knowledge and many more.

If you are looking for variety in your crossword puzzle games, then The Telegraph is the answer for you.

After playing the games if you have scored well then you would be able to win prizes too. Although if you want to solve one puzzle a day, then this platform is completely free for you, and on the other hand, if you’re going to get unlimited access, you would have to go with a plan.


Here we have the final option from the list, which is At this platform, you would get crossword puzzles around topics like Sports, News, Business and more.

Also, the crossword puzzles are updated daily, so you’ll have something every day.

This was all about the top 5 crossword puzzles to play in 2022.


Crossword puzzle games are one of the most trending topics these days. And here, in this topic, we have discussed the top 5 crossword puzzles to play in 2022. You can pick the most appropriate option for yourself from them.

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