An effective marketing strategy boosts brand awareness and recognition. It helps create trust and helps you get more customers. But best of all, it can help increase your revenue and sales.
Also, did you know that even having the slightest exposure to a brand has the power to affect your customer’s behavior?
It’s true. You have the opportunity to shape your customer’s perception of your brand with every interaction. Even the kind of interaction that only lasts a couple of seconds through pay-per-click ads.

Branding is important for any business

Now, let’s know why branding works in the first place.
Researches from Duke University wanted to know how powerful brands can be. During one of their tests, a group of university students was flashed with the Apple logo. It was quickly flashed that some of them aren’t even aware that they’re exposed to it. In the same way, another group was exposed to IBM’s logo.
Then, the participants were asked to write down all the possible uses of a brick. Here’s where the results get fascinating: Participants that have a brief glimpse of Apple’s logo are more creative than the IBM group.
Now here’s another experiment. The researchers wanted to know how brands affect the respondents’ honesty.
During the experiment, separately these two groups were shown Disney and E! Logos. Results show that those who were exposed to the Disney logo behaved more honestly as compared to the ones that saw the latter.
So, what does this study say to marketers? Brands can be influential.
If you’re an established brand like Apple or Disney, then it could mean investing more on the placement of the product or other ways of exposure.
If you’re a brand that’s just starting out, this could mean paying attention to every single detail, no matter how brief.

How to utilize PPC to boost your brand

Pay-per-click campaigns are an excellent way to boost your product or service. If done properly, it could also help amplify your brand message.
Here are some ways you can use PPC to build a strong brand and help your business grow:

1. Reach Potential Clients

As more and more customers see your brand online, they could easily become acquainted with your brand. As a result, your business will stick more to their minds.
Utilizing remarketing is also an excellent technique to boost brand recognition even after the audience leaves your site.

2. Drive Traffic to Your Site

PPC helps your brand by driving quality traffic to your site.
Sure, search engines can make your website rank for your target keyword without a cost. However, shelling out some money can help you qualify those traffic.
Although Google and other search engines provide users with results based on the kind of keywords that they’re searching for, search engines focus more on their needs instead of yours.
According to a top AdWords company in NYC, “PPC is the quickest way to get your site on the top page of Google. It gives you immediate traffic, with some clicks starting within the first 30 minutes of first setting up your ad.”
Also, bidding on branded terms helps enhance your quality score, which influences your rankings on search results, as well.

3. Send Visitors to Your Landing Pages

Let’s say you have a product that’s designed specifically to a particular set of audience. When you choose to advertise this product, you need to have a  tailored approach.
You need to know and understand what their needs are, and what is their intention of buying your product. That way, you can design a landing page that effectively communicates to them in a language that they can easily understand.
Crafting your own landing page and communicating the fact that the landing page you’re making is specifically designed for then will have a positive impact on your prospects.
This shows that you care about your customer’s needs, and want to build a deeper relationship with them.

4. Engage Your Customers

In most branding campaigns, marketers would measure the click-through rate (CTR) to know how engaged their customers are with their ads.
This is essential when you want to show your ads on search networks. However, you should remember that a successful CTR is anything that’s above 1 percent.
Also, after you’ve built the right message to distinguish your brand, it’s essential to build awareness and engagement in your business. You can do so through Google AdWords networks, social media, and YouTube campaigns.
These make it easier to target your audience based on their interests and the websites they’ve visited. This is also retargeting users when they reach various paths in their buyer’s journey.

5. Measure Your Results

Thanks to the most sophisticated tools, the feedback that you get from PPC can give you a wealth of information that you can use for your branding efforts in the future.
It’s easier for you to know what keywords are working well, what kind of paid ads will deliver results, where most of your site visitors are coming from, and whether you can convert them into prospective leads or not.
You can get all of these for a fraction of a cost, as compared to other marketing methods that are less targetable.

6. Cost-Effective

Through PPC, you can either pay a cost per click (CPC) for every user who clicks through your ad or a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) for users who view your ad. Meaning, you’re only paying for the ads that work.
This is so different from more traditional marketing methods wherein you have to spend a lot just to reach a large number of people, people who don’t even notice your ad.
Regardless of the price that you’re paying per click, you’re only paying for spots that deliver the best results than more traditional alternatives. The risks are also low, as compared to other options with bigger upfront costs.

Over to You

By following these techniques, it’s easier to build your brand and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Although this might take time, especially if you’re just starting, the high CTR, the payoff in conversions, and the costs per click will be all worth it in the end.

By Deepak

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