With these Madden NFL 21 tricks you will have nothing to fear. Madden NFL 21 is finally here, and that means soccer fans across the country are kicking off a new season with Electronic Arts and Madden NFL. To help new players or people who have been lost in recent years, this article covers some essential Madden NFL 21 tips and tricks.

Madden NFL 21 Best Tips and Guide

Some of these tips may already be familiar to you, others cover new features or changes for Madden NFL 21, and the latter may be tips that even you didn’t know existed. So let’s get right to the point and cover some Madden NFL 21 tips and tricks! And if you are still asked for other game tips and cheap Madden 21 coins, don’t forget to access to AOEAH.COM.

Madden NFL 21 Tips – Turbo Limitations

Turbo is not a new feature in Madden. It’s been around for a while and many gamers have gotten used to using the turbo whenever it’s available. No matter how much you’ve relied on turbo in the past, in Madden NFL 21 there are some new limitations to turbo usage.

Due to how the game’s engine has changed and evolved, using the turbo becomes much more difficult to execute precision maneuvers. This means that you should limit the use of the turbo to when a player is in the open field and you will not need to make a few quick shots to get away from the defense.

Madden NFL 21 Tips – Interception Over SWAT

Hold down square (PS4/5) or X (Xbox)

You must always make an interception in order to gain possession of the ball. However, the SWAT mechanics in Madden NFL 21 are much more efficient. While hitting the ball away from the receiver’s hands won’t change possession, it at least stops the game. With Madden NFL 21, keep the square on PS4 and X on Xbox to go for a try at SWAT. As long as you have a decent position, you will have a much better chance of hitting the ball than getting an interception.

Madden NFL 21 Tips – Sliding QB

Square (PS4/5) or X (Xbox)

If you watch the NFL or follow football, you probably know that if a quarterback takes a direct hit, he is not going to finish well. The QB can drop the ball or even injure himself, so it is worth to your MUT Coins. To help prevent this from happening in Madden NFL 21, you can slide when the QB is about to take a hit. Now this usually shows up if you’re running with the QB making a QB break or just trying to make a few yards.

It’s not new to the Madden series, but it tends to change more than most of the other features in the game. Just hit the Square on PS4/5 or X on Xbox to slide while your QB is running. Note that you cannot slide while the turbo is active.

Madden NFL 21 Tips – Turn Around and Run

After catching a pass, in previous Madden games you would generally turn around and start running straight down. However, with Madden NFL 21’s new player animations, it’s not always the ideal way to turn and run. Instead, this year you will have to continue running at an angle and gradually curve the player down.

If your catcher is running to the left and catches the ball and then immediately turns around to run straight down, the new animations will have you planting his foot as he spins, slowing his run. By continuing to run to the left and gradually turning downward, you will avoid this new animation and be able to collect additional yards.

Madden NFL 21 Tips – Upgrade Characters

New to Madden NFL 21 is the ability to upgrade your players using Training Points that you earn by selling items you don’t want. This is like dusting the cards in Hearthstone. If you have lower-level player cards that aren’t going to be of much use to you, sell them and you’ll earn Training Points. You can use these Training Points to upgrade players, select custom chemistry, and much more. If you find that you have upgraded a player that you no longer use, you can downgrade it to get some of that value back and use it elsewhere.

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