Digital marketing can help expand your business in many ways. If you’re seeking ways to grow your business, odds are you’ve heard that digital marketing is affordable and easy to expand. You’re probably searching for new ways to advertise your business’s image. The real problem would be… what should you do?

Grow a Business Using Digital Marketing

In this article, we’ll provide seven ways digital marketing can benefit your company. It doesn’t matter that you need to become an expert in marketing. You’ll still be able to read this article. It’s beginner-friendly.

Let’s dive!

Important Tips to Launch and grow a Business Using Digital Marketing

#1. Level the Playing Field

Digital marketing levelled the playing field. It is possible to grow your business regardless of the size of your business now. Competing with larger companies through digital marketing is possible, and you don’t need an extravagant budget.

One example is how Dollar Shave Club grew to an estimated billion dollars in just five years.

Before when Dollar Shave Club started, the razor market was dominated mostly by Proctor & Gamble. Dollar Shave Club grew exponentially with video advertisements on YouTube and the onboarding of various YouTube influencers.

They perturbed an industry thought to be stable and invincible. Men begin shaving as soon as they enter puberty. It’s also extremely uncommon for people to change products they’ve used for so long.

#2. Invest in Cost-Effective Marketing

What can you do when you cannot afford an advertisement that costs $33 million and features Nicole Kidman in a fiercely in-demand market?

As Chanel was doing precisely that since they were able to, Aromapre was running Instagram ads:

Aromapre is a new luxury fragrance company in Japan making huge strides in using aroma oils.

They’re a completely new company. However, they’re using cheap online advertising to be competitive against large brands. At least they are located in Japan!

#3. Conversion-Focused Approach

37signals has changed the look of the design of the Highrise website:

The result was an astonishing 102.5 per cent increase in conversions.

This is the appeal of digital marketing. It is possible to test everything on the spot and figure out ways to improve every aspect of the funnel to sales.

It’s a big distinction between traditional and digital marketing company brooklyn. It isn’t possible to A/B test the billboard and then keep improving it constantly. Once it’s up and running, the billboard is out everywhere!

You can also establish specific goals and monitor the progress of every campaign.

If you’re looking for a marketing approach that is more focused on conversion, you must adopt the digital marketing approach immediately.

#4. Add Another Revenue Stream

We’re not suggesting that you abandon the old-fashioned marketing method entirely.

Digital marketing is a great way to add another revenue stream to your company. We’ve seen how affordable it is and the speed with which you can grow with digital marketing. This is a great method to earn more without losing your original image.

An excellent example is Ray-Ban. Have a look at this push notification for abandoning your cart by Ray-Ban:

Of course, the brand is sold in physical stores around the globe.

For a penny, Ray-Ban’s automatic push notifications on the web generate more traffic, engagement and an additional revenue stream from their website.

You could make a cart-abandonment campaign if you’re operating an eCommerce website. It doesn’t require an enormous brand like Ray-Ban to be able to implement it, and it could generate lots of additional revenue for you.

#5. Get Granular Targeting Options

Suppose you set up an exhibit for the transit shelter (a.k.a. bus stop ad).

Who would you like to invite to go and see it?

EVERYONE! Your ad might attract only a particular market segment. But everybody will look at it regardless of whether they decide to purchase from your company. This is a huge issue because a spot that gets many people visiting will cost more to promote.

When you place advertisements in the middle of Times Square in New York City, it’s a packed space, and many people will view it. This also means it will be extremely costly because that’s the way outdoor advertisements are priced. The more people see them, the less costly your advertising will be.

However, how many of those people are in your ideal segment?

Online marketing can effectively target a certain group of people using targeted options. So, your advertisement only gets noticed by those you wish to market to.

This isn’t just for advertisements. Concentrating on a particular organic audience through intention and curiosity is possible. The Wirecutter accomplishes a great job of this via SEO:

In writing highly thorough reviews of hyper-specific items, they were able to make $150 million in transactions on e-commerce in the year 2015. This was even before they were purchased in New York Times. New York Times.

#6. Communicate with Your Customers

JetBlue is a low-cost airline company that is killing it through digital marketing.

In particular, they’re destroying the internet on Twitter. Most often, Twitter is the first-place unhappy customers vent their frustrations about brands. The brand usually responds a few hours later with a message that says they need to “move it to the DMs”.

The great thing about this method is that even when all of JetBlue’s competitors are occupied with themselves-promoting, JetBlue is just there to support them.

#7. Build Brand Reputation

Grindr made a stand.

They argued that there’s a lot of sexual discrimination that occurs all over the globe. Whenever someone attempts to discuss it, algorithmic and manual reviews mark the content as “inappropriate content”.

And Grindr was inspired to create a podcast and then use Twitter to make it popular with #KindrGrindr.

It was a dating application, and Grindr was a perfect brand for discussing the importance of kindness and conversations. Thanks to the power of digital marketing, that allowed them to be in charge and accomplish it. Through this process, they also developed a brand that resonated with their customers.

Build Brand Reputation

Wrapping Up

This is all there is to it!

If you’re still contemplating whether or not it’s worth investing in online marketing seriously, read this article about digital marketing statistics.

If you’re overwhelmed with the best channel, we suggest making push notifications available on your site. It’s elegant, simple and incredibly adaptable as a marketing tool.

By Deepak Rupnar

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.

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