In this article, we will be talking about data science and I will give information in the simplest way possible such as:

*What exactly is data science, how does it work?

*Why do we need data science?

* And how effective is it if we implement it into our business?

*Data science training.

Data Science Why Are All Companies Crazy About It

So, firstly, what is data science?

It is a kind of art of getting information or uncovering data which has been around or you can say that it is the process of using scientific methods and algorithms to get various information and then convert it to a structured data.

Let us take an example,

You are going to manufacture a product. First, you have to go through the strength in the market like how long it will sustain in the market, is it profitable or not? and many other things.

For example, you are setting up a startup which is based on providing taxi services, you can’t just start with anywhere you like. You first have to make a data list of cities where taxi business is profitable, where people use taxies on a regular basis and then decide from where you will start your business.

So, all these things come under data science.

Why we need data science?

Suppose you have a mobile manufacturing company and you need to know the recent trends and demands of the market, you can’t manufacture keypad phones now because right now everyone is into smartphones so you have to make phones which are smarter than the current phones available in the market, so you have to make a separate team and who will analyze the whole info and make a date and then, according to your data, you need to make your new mobile accordingly.

Let us take one more example:

Everyone knows about Netflix, amazon prime and other streaming sites.

To sustain in a market, they also do data analysis about what their audience is liking and what they are not liking, only then can they make their new original series so they can get viewers and earn.

Many times, they experiment with new things, but for that also, they collect data and decide its pros and cons.

Is data science profitable or not?

 So, if you have gone through the things that I have shared, then you yourself can understand that data science is highly profitable for any kind of business, whether it is small scale or large scale, you can implement data science in every field and, by doing this, your success rate will increase by 90%.

 Data science training?

Data science is a separate course, and there are many institutes which are providing this data science course and yes, there are also some online sites which are providing data science training, some of them are paid and others are free.

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