Do you need more storage in your Google Drive, Gmail or Google Photos? HAve more things to store but less storage? Don’t worry Google has the solution for you. Google has another product Google One which is made for you to solve all your problems related to Storage of your files and media. The application allows you to store more files in our drives or Gmail. This is a cloud storage app from Google. This helps you to store more with its affordable plans. You would need to purchase the plans to extend your storage.
Google one alone can extend to the storage of all your Google products whether its Gmail, Google drive or Google Photos. The application has an easy interface which is easy to use. With a single tap, you would be able to contact the expert team on this app that would help you with all of the Google products. Members of this app get various benefits like Google play credit and special hotel pricing. The app allows you to share it with upto 5 members of the family which gives them access to benefits and storage both. The app can be downloaded safely from 9Apps.

How to download Google One using 9Apps?

First thing you would have to do is to download 9Apps, once downloaded open the app. Now search for the Google one app. This will show you the result. tap on it and install.

By Deepak

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