CCleaner is an application with which you can clean your device from unwanted files. This application is a must-have application if your device is running slow. This application will boost the performance of your device by cleaning it. Another name of the app is Cache Cleaner. The application is available for all type of platforms, thus can be downloaded in any platform and used to clean it. The app is downloadable and usable upto a limit for free of cost. This is because it has other two premium versions for the users which are Professional and Professional Plus.
CCleaner application allows users to clean their cookies which gets saved in the browser, every time they browse the internet. The application thus keeps your privacy safe cleaning the cookies and also protects you by getting traced on the internet. The application allows users to turn on the automatic scan which will scan the device automatically on regular intervals and would notify you the problems it has like unused files etc. It also detects the apps which takes most of the resources of your device. The application is downloadable from the app store 9Apps. From here you can get the safe file to download.

How to download CCleaner using 9Apps?

To download CCleaner application in your device you would need to download 9Apps first. After it gets downloaded, open it and go to the search option. Type CCleaner and install the app taping on the result.

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