Guest blogging is one of the easiest if you know the process and toughest if you are being misled. Google doesn’t take it positive if someone is using paid links or duplicated content on the guest blog so be very clear about it. A Guest post should be worth reading and highly informative. It is a way of exposure and relevance to your blog. Thus, if your guest post is creative, unique, genuine and helpful you can easily win brownie points of writing good guest posts.
Here is how you can write great guest posts: You can start by taking the help of blogger outreach services and get your doubts cleared. You can collaborate with the other bloggers and talk to them about the ideas of your content. Anyways, let us get to the 10 keys of writing guest posts:

  1.   Read and follow the guidelines

It is suggested that you read the guidelines of the blog where you are sending a guest port. If you follow all the guidelines, your guest post can be easily accepted. Some of the common guidelines can be about original images, bio of the author and a headshot picture of them, blog length, number of links that can be accepted and other significant things. Keep all these things in mind when you are working. 

  1.   Write a blog in your preferred niche

Just because everyone is writing about technology, you need not write about technology. You can write about something you specialize in it. Have a story, data, and some real example in your blog. 

  1.   Keep the flow of the blog post

Every lie should be in connecting with the previous one. Do not lose any connection at all. The audience should be engaged till the last word of your blog. Everything you write needs to make sense.

  1.   Write in a search engine friendly structure

If you want your post to be accepted by Google, then follow according to its guidelines. Use proper font size, clear and short paragraphs, break the post into bullet points and number the instructions. All we are saying is make it clear and concise to read the blog. 

  1.   Focus on what you are working on

There is a characteristic of a great guest blog and that is relevancy. When you focus on what you are writing instead of worrying about keywords, keywords density, LSI and other factors, your content will be good. You indeed need to rope all those factors too but you need to understand where to post your keywords. Keep them in the first paragraph, body, and the post title if you can.

  1.   Keep the backlinks appropriate

When you are linking your website to the guest blog keep it appropriate. You can link to other websites too which have high DA or Alexa ranking. it is a good practice and it can help you a lot in the long run.

  1.   Make the blog post engaging

By this we mean include real-life examples, images, infographics, etc. You may have a rocky start but you can slowly improve and follow a few simple tips to make your blog post interesting and engaging. You are also saving time for the editor.

  1.   Do not send the blog post without any proofreading

You need to proofread your work to correct the mistakes. Editors will find it embarrassing all the time to point out silly grammatical issues. You need to read your final copy before you press the send option. Check the links and the rules before you proceed

  1.   Have an authoritative tone

You need to be confident about your piece and avoid any kind of ambiguous sentences. You need to know what you say and do not want to say in the blog. Do not let any reader doubt your expertise based on a single blog. 

  1.   Call to Action always works

At the end of your blog post, include a CTA sentence by asking the reader what they should do. Give them the resources where they want to read more about the same topic or your services. Keep the comment section alive and let the comments kick in.
Thus, as we come to an end these are keys to writing a great guest post. In addition to this, you need to know that there are many ways to write a good blog post but you ensure you will stick to a few tips only. As they say too many cooks spoil the broth which is why too many tips can confuse you. Therefore, stay away from too many tips though it is tempting to know. Keep meeting new bloggers from the blogger outreach services and understand how they became successful. Take some real-life pieces of advice too about the blog.

By Deepak

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